Helping to pull cables accurately

Cable pulling winches are used for pulling and lifting heavy materials from one place to another. They can be found in a wide range of sizes and load capacities. These winches can be found in steel core as well as fiber core. Why is cable pulling winches so much favored? Cable pulling winches comprise of swivels, latch hooks, swage and abrasion opposing galvanized steel towing cable that can be used by manually operated and electrically operated winches. These cable pulling winches are light in weight and they also offer flexibility, power and durability. Cable pulling winches are easy to maneuver and they are user friendly as well with no sharp edges and no sharp corners as well. They also comprise of a protective cover that will help prevent overheating of the cable wires. 

What are cable pulling winches used for Cable pulling winches are used for pulling high tension wires in a smooth and hassle free manner. There are various kinds of cable puller winches that are required for installing and removing power cables from overhead poles as well as underground. These winches are designed in a scientific and specific manner and fitted with a heavy and powerful engine that helps in hydraulic transmission. They are light in weight, flexible, easy to maintain and affordable as well. These cable pulling winches come with a two year warranty. 

Available in various models Cable Pulling winches are available in a number of models depending on the size and the load it needs to carry. They are available in 2000 KW, 400 KW 500KW and more. They are mounted with power take offs. The provide the perfect solution for installing long and heavy lengths of cable in difficult locations  and also helps reduce manpower and extra labor  that is required for installation .Cable Pulling winches are also safer and faster.·       They are compact, lightweight, and portable·       They have unlimited length of pull and choice of rope speed·       They also have reverse rotation facilities for Controlled release at high loads 

Cable Pulling winches are reliable, convenient and effective means of pulling high tension fibers and heavy material as well. They are thus used by various companies and different kinds of projects like real estate projects, telecom and electric companies.

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Pulling a cable efficiently with cable pulling winches

Cable Pulling winches help you to pull a cable in a smooth and efficient manner. They offer you some of the best efficient and cost effective ways of laying and removing thick and heavy cables for the years ahead.

They are durable, long lasting and safe to use  How is cable pulling winches designed? Cable pulling winches are especially useful for installing power cables and high powered tension wires. They are designed in a technical and scientific manner so that they can move cables from one place to another in a smooth and effective manner.

Cable Pulling Winches Standard Version

Fitted with powerful and heavy duty engines, these Cable pulling winches are really reliable and effective and help in powering hydraulic transmission for a smooth and hassle free tug. These winches comprise of a special kind of console so that the operator can have a visual display of the force that he is applying to the winches while pulling the heavy cable wires.

They are reliable, affordable and well designed with the accurate specifications Cable pulling winches are used to pull different kinds of wires that include soft and delicate fiber wires as well as heavy copper wires. They are also well equipped and well powered to pull heavy high tension wires, coaxial cables, and HV cables and sub duct cables.

These machines are strongly designed and they are powerful enough and can be used for residential and commercial projects.

All the designs and implemented in various kinds of manners.

They are easy and reliable Cable pulling winches are easy and effective to use. They are safe, convenient, durable and long lasting as well. They have all been designed and built in a manner to last for a long time and which can assist you to pull heavy cables from one place to another. These cable pulling winches can also be customized as per requirements. They are easy to maintain with a two year warranty on all their parts. These machines can pull any amount of load. They are an inevitable part of any project where pulling heavy cable is required. They help to pull and install cables as well as pull out damaged cables from underground as well.

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Cable Pulling Machines- a benefit to all projects

Cable Pulling machines comprise of some of the best Cable pulling equipments that are required for all projects and commercial construction sites, telecom industries as well as for engineering purposes.

What are cable pulling machines

Cable pulling machines are known to be one of the best equipments that are required to install and remove different cable lines in a smooth and seamless manner. They are required by various companies because of their reliability, cost effective nature and hassle free installation process. They are made of the best material that makes it durable and long lasting as well. These materials can withstand high temperature like heat and frost and can also withstand heavy storm and rains. Cable pulling machines can also be customized as per requirement of the project and its client.

Why is cable pulling machines used?

Cable pulling machines help to install as well as remove power cables and damaged cable lines from overhead and underground poles. All the basic units are implemented so that they can be used in the best manner. Cable Pulling machines are strong, reliable and durable and can withstand the test of time. Each and every machine has been fitted with a console so that the operator can view the force that is being applied to the machine. They are useful, efficient and very reliable. They are safe to use and are also protective. Cable pulling machines are used by various companies for their effectiveness and they can also pull long distance cable lines.

What we like about cable pulling machines

Cable pulling machines are strong and durable and they can be preset really fast and are easy to install as well. These machines are designed in a technical manner so that they can pull any kind of cable and any kind of weight from delicate fibers as well as heavy copper cables. You can also pull long length of cables to long distances. Damaged cables can also be removed from underground tunnels. These machines are powered by a motor that is moved by diesel and encompasses a storage drum that is fitted with non spin wire ropes. They have different kind of pulling speeds as per requirement and load.

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Cable Pulling Winches!

Top 3 categories of Cable Pulling Winches

In today’s time, Cable Pulling Winches found several of applications, ranging between the industrial purposes as well as in the gamut of sports and entertainment. The article will discuss about the three most popular categories of Cable Pulling Winches.

The snubbing category of winches would be the first genre of winches that would come up while discussing on the topic of Cable Pulling Winches. You would commonly get this winch in the wake-boards. The winch features a smaller gasoline engine in the foul-cycle design, clutches and the spool. All these components lie inside a frame made with steel. Once the pull is made to stop, the winch would take the entire load with the requirement of the minimal operator tension to keep it in the slot. You would get this mechanism most commonly in the small sailing boats.

Technical specifications

Technical Specification
Max Drum Weight Kgs: 2500 Small Drums, 1500 Large Drums
Rope Speed (mtrs/min): 2.5 Small Drums, 4.0 Large Drums
Dimensions: L. 655mm x W.550mm x H.400MM
Weight: 95Kgs

Accessories Included
Detachable Rope Storage Drum as shown (larger drum available as an option)
Deadman Foot Control with 2mtr Cable.
2 x Tie Down Shackles.

Glider Winch

Our Glider winch serves the purpose of launching the gliders on heavier vehicles. The application of our winches comes  an economical replacement of costly aero-towing process. The engine in these cases is usually runs of the mechanism of hydraulic fluids. Our Glider winches get released after an initial round of shorter and steeper climbing. It is one of the most frequently applied forms of winches.Wake sating in gaining popularity as an aquatic sport. Our Cable Pulling Winches features the engine, handle, frame, rope and mechanism for the transmission purpose. Once the winch gets engaged, it starts pulling the boarder at a moderate speed. You can either mount the winch on the hitch of the vehicle or alternatively you can tie it to the trees. In the city environment, some modified version of our winch is used by the snowboarders and the skiers.

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The vitality of cable pulling machines

Cable pulling machines are one of the primary equipments that are used to pull heavy cables from one place to another in  on site projects.They are used by a number of industries and commercial firms to pull cables in a smooth and seamless manner.

How can cable pulling machines help you

Cable Pulling machines are one of the most important and vital equipments that are required by all construction and telecom industries. Cable can sometimes be really large and heavy and this is the most important time when they are required. These machines are improving with time as technology is also on the go. These machines have become smaller and lighter and user friendly as well. The grips of these machines have now become smoother  and it can be used to pull the heaviest of materials like heavy copper and steel wires.The grips have been built with non corrosive material  so that they can retain their effectiveness in the harsh environment as well. You can search for a number of different cable pulling machines from various online stores that offers you a wide range of different kinds of machines over overhead and underground jobs.

How do cable pulling machines work

Cable pulling machines are specially designed to pull heavy cables smoothly, effectively and in a trouble free manner. It can pull all kinds of cable material made with copper, aluminium and fiber that can be hollow or solid, heavy or light. These machines can be used in outdoor and indoor purposes when required. Cable pulling machines comprise of pulling grips that also include pulling and supporting strain relief devices. They comprise of pulling grips, support grips, and strain relief grips that are used conveniently.

The different kind of grips

The different cable pulling machines comprise of pulling grips, support grips, and strain relief grips that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they help to install and also remove different kinds of cables in conduit, shave of ducts as well as underground as well as overhead terminals. Support grips are required to support the weight of the flexible cable in vertical and sloping runs. They are specially designed to absorb the strain or shock that is caused due to vibration.  [Native Advertisement]Strain-relief grips are used for bending cables at different curves and pulling out damaged chords.

Pipe Rollers

Pipe Rollers

Facts that you need to consider while using pipe rollers

You may feel that pipe bending is not as useful as they are considered to be however pipe rollers are more convenient than actually presumed to be. A pipe roller is required for rolling and bending any kind of pipe be it in the school, in an office, in a mall or any other construction industry.

Importance of pipe rollers

A pipe roller is really important when it comes to bending really hard pipes which are made up of strong metal elements. All safety railing of schools, playgrounds and amusement parks are made with the help of pipes that are bent with pipe rollers. A pipe in order to be shaped flawless and properly require the help of a pipe roller tool which many are not aware of. The most common used tool is pipe rollers that are in great demand in today’s industries. Cable pulling machines comprise of some of the best pipe rollers that are useful, efficient and at the same time affordable so craft your metal into shape.

The different pipe rollers and their specification

Pipe rollers have been in vogue for around a long time because of all kinds of heavy constructions. They are available in a number of shapes, sizes and technology to make pipe bending easier. You can choose from an assortment of benders depending on your requirement from cable pulling machines. They are effective as well as reliable. The SLR7 is a heavy duty straight line Pipe roller, this roller is unique and all its edges are rounded to prevent the cable being damaged if for example the roller flips over etc. Due to the base size, this cable roller is also suitable for ladder racks and gantries

What all can be bent with the help of a pipe roller

Our products consist of Strong and durable pipe rollers can just roll about everything that is made with copper, aluminum or tin. You need a good commercial pipe roller for bending strong metals. We have the best pipe rollers like hydraulic rollers, and mechanical rollers.

These rollers can perform just about any kind of operation as well as functions and have a variety of features as well. Our  pipe roller machines are used to shape rings, pipes with large diameter, as well as thin pipes that require a delicate hand. We have  been serving its clients in the most efficient way and they are known to be one of the most reliable providers of pipe rollers services.

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Cable Rollers

Cable rollers

The importance of cable rollers

Cable rollers are a very important source of equipment for projects that are being undertaken for any kind of project work as well as for pulling cables under the ground or over head. There are various kinds of cable rollers that you can choose from as per requirements.

The different kind of cable rollers

There are different kinds of cable rollers that include straight cable rollers, corner cable rollers as well as triple cable and special cable rollers. These cables are all required to pull underground cables into trenches and deep pits underground. It is very important to use cable rollers while pulling a cable. The cables which are straight are pulled with the help of straight cable rollers that are placed on the cable trench to prevent the cable from being dragged down in the mud and causing damage.

Specifications of a cable roller

The SLR1 is a compact cable roller for use in narrow trenches and/ or in confined areas and suitable for cables up to 90mm. The SLR2 bridge style cable roller is principally the same as the SLR1 but with the added benefit of being able to stand over existing cables or objects in the trench. The SLR3 is an economical yet versatile and very compact cable roller for use in narrow trenches or secured on cable trays/gantries.

Due to the design, this can also be used as a pipe roller for diameters of up to 200mm. The SLR4 is a heavy duty cable roller for use in most cable laying applications and suitable for cables up to 130mm. Note – for the heaviest of cables, the Diablo roller can be substituted for a heavy duty parallel roller. The SLR5 cable roller is principally the same as the SLR4 but with the added benefit of being able to bridge existing cables or objects already in the trench. The SLR6 is an economical yet versatile

How to roll a cable?

We believe that smooth work is the key to success and that is why our cable rollers are designed in a way so that they can fully support the cable over the entire drums before being pulled into the trench. Narrow Cable rollers are required for straight cables which are up to a length of 76mm diameter. The spacing of cable rollers depends on the type of cable which is being installed as well as the pulling tension and corner cable rollers are used for guide all kinds of cables through bends in the route.

Our experienced men are adept at handling all kinds of cable rollers and how to use them during a project.Our cable rollers at cable pulling machines are supplied for lying of cables, setting up underground as well as overhead cables, distributing cables in rail trackside, along the road as well as for optical fiber and telecom lines.

How cable drums can be transported

If you are part of a heavy project and have cable wire drums that need to be carried from one place to another, then hire some of the best cable drum trailers that would assist you in transferring your drums from one part to another in a smooth and effective manner

An inevitable accessory required for all projects

Cable drum trailers are one of the vital accessories that are required for all kinds of on site projects where cable lines are required to be carried from one part of the other.Some cable lines are known to be really long and heavy and they need to be carried by winding them up.The cable drum trailer is required to carry drums from one project site to the other.Cable drum trailers are required to accommodate heavy and wide drums that are really heavy and may also weigh upto 48 tonnes.Cable drum trailers can be of various types according to their size, weight and use.The size of the trailer depends on the size of the drum it needs to carry.these cable drum trailers are known to carry  loads which can be about 795 kgs to 5050 kgs on a single axle and definitely more on twin axles.There are differently sized trailers that are used for different sized drums.

What does cable drum trailers comprise of

Cable drum trailers comprise of light systems and braking systems  that are formulated with different rules and polices.They are fitted with hydraulic hand operated pump  that can manudally be used to operate lower sections.These trailers are available in a variety of models formulated as per requirements.Choose from different trailers like highway trailers or site trailers and different models.Each cable drum feature is imbibed with their own features  and have been made with the best of materials that are durable and long lasting as well.

Designed for safety and efficacy

Cable drum trailers are designed specifically for Off road use.They are fitted with some form of brake systems, hand parking facilities and basic vehicle lights.The spped indicated should however, not exceed at the full rated pay load.All units have the same drum handling features.As the drum trailers  grow larger in size, they can accommodate larger drums.They are provided with drum locking collars  that are fitted to the spindles.

Cable Drum trailers: an inevitable part of any project

Cable Drum trailers are one of the most important gadgets that are required for all heavy industries including construction companies, electric companies and telecom industries. These instruments are used to carry the heavy drums one place to another in a hassle free manner. They are preferred by all companies because of their reliability and efficiency

What is the importance of cable drum trailers

Cable drum trailers are one of the most impertinent equipments that are required for any kind of project. They are required for loading and unreeling of heavy cable reels and cable drums in the best possible way. Cable drum trailers are the best way in which goods can be loaded and unreeled  very effectively in a seamless and trouble free manner.

How are cable drum trailers operated?

Cable drum trailers are operated in a smooth and hassle free manner. They are the best way in which you can carry goods from one place to another easily. You can also follow a manual guide book that would help you to operate the cable drum trailer easily. These trailers are used in an adaptable and flexible manner which makes it popular in al kinds of industries.They are also known to have good handling capabilities because they are comprised of twin axle assemblies. Loading and unloading is easy with the help of cable drum trailers. They are idyllic for pipe coils, micro tube drums and  skips.

What are the different kind of cable drum trailers

If you are searching for a good cable drum trailer than, cable pulling machine is the ideal online store where you would find the best cable drum trailers along with many other cable pulling equipments that are available in different sizes and different powers.They are manually operated by the help of a hydraulic pump  and cylinder.They also have a title frame through which they are loaded.An average cable drum trailer can take around 30 tonnes of loads and reels with outer diamteres that range from approximately 3,700 mm.They are made with the help of hot galvanized steel that are durable and long lasting to last you for some of the heaviest projects.


Rolling a cable with help of a cable drum roller

You can find a number of different cable drum rollers for various kinds of requirements. They are specially designed in a way so that they can help in supporting cables by in the best way possible and support the cable over the drums before being pulled underground or overhead.

Why are cable  drum rollers required?

The spacing and size of the cable drum rollers depend on the kind of cables which are being installed or being pulled underground the trench. It also helps in pulling tension and corner cable rollers through different bends and routes. Narrow cable drum rollers are used for straight cables. The cable drum rollers are specially used for laying cables, setting up underground and overhead cables, distributing cables in railways, electric tracks as well as for telecom lines and optical fiber lines. Cable drum rollers make rolling cables really easy and fast.

The features of cable drum rollers

  • Prevents unnatural twisting of ropes and cable wires
  • They are easy to use
  • Different kind of cables can be reeled really easily and quickly
  • They are free to rotate during the process of unreeling
  • They are available in a variety of sizes based on their requirements.

The indigenous cable drum rollers offer a simple and safe and effective way to reel cable off heavy drums. You can simply set the drum on the rolling road and pull the average cable drum rollers weight around     kgs. You can also choose from an assortment of cable drum roller stands s

Features of cable drum rollers

Cable drum rollers are found in various internet stores. You can find the best cable drum rollers in cable pulling  machines. You can choose from huge plastic reels of cable drum roller.

  • Cable drum rollers use spiral springs as power without electricity consumption to be reliable during operation
  • They are equipped with reversible unit to avoid the reel counter
  • They are safe and reliable and they help to supply power easily
  • They use a collector slip spring carbon brush bracket to transfer electrical energy continuously