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Top 3 categories of Cable Pulling Winches

In today’s time, Cable Pulling Winches found several of applications, ranging between the industrial purposes as well as in the gamut of sports and entertainment. The article will discuss about the three most popular categories of Cable Pulling Winches.

The snubbing category of winches would be the first genre of winches that would come up while discussing on the topic of Cable Pulling Winches. You would commonly get this winch in the wake-boards. The winch features a smaller gasoline engine in the foul-cycle design, clutches and the spool. All these components lie inside a frame made with steel. Once the pull is made to stop, the winch would take the entire load with the requirement of the minimal operator tension to keep it in the slot. You would get this mechanism most commonly in the small sailing boats.

Technical specifications

Technical Specification
Max Drum Weight Kgs: 2500 Small Drums, 1500 Large Drums
Rope Speed (mtrs/min): 2.5 Small Drums, 4.0 Large Drums
Dimensions: L. 655mm x W.550mm x H.400MM
Weight: 95Kgs

Accessories Included
Detachable Rope Storage Drum as shown (larger drum available as an option)
Deadman Foot Control with 2mtr Cable.
2 x Tie Down Shackles.

Glider Winch

Our Glider winch serves the purpose of launching the gliders on heavier vehicles. The application of our winches comes  an economical replacement of costly aero-towing process. The engine in these cases is usually runs of the mechanism of hydraulic fluids. Our Glider winches get released after an initial round of shorter and steeper climbing. It is one of the most frequently applied forms of winches.Wake sating in gaining popularity as an aquatic sport. Our Cable Pulling Winches features the engine, handle, frame, rope and mechanism for the transmission purpose. Once the winch gets engaged, it starts pulling the boarder at a moderate speed. You can either mount the winch on the hitch of the vehicle or alternatively you can tie it to the trees. In the city environment, some modified version of our winch is used by the snowboarders and the skiers.

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