How cable drums can be transported

If you are part of a heavy project and have cable wire drums that need to be carried from one place to another, then hire some of the best cable drum trailers that would assist you in transferring your drums from one part to another in a smooth and effective manner

An inevitable accessory required for all projects

Cable drum trailers are one of the vital accessories that are required for all kinds of on site projects where cable lines are required to be carried from one part of the other.Some cable lines are known to be really long and heavy and they need to be carried by winding them up.The cable drum trailer is required to carry drums from one project site to the other.Cable drum trailers are required to accommodate heavy and wide drums that are really heavy and may also weigh upto 48 tonnes.Cable drum trailers can be of various types according to their size, weight and use.The size of the trailer depends on the size of the drum it needs to carry.these cable drum trailers are known to carry  loads which can be about 795 kgs to 5050 kgs on a single axle and definitely more on twin axles.There are differently sized trailers that are used for different sized drums.

What does cable drum trailers comprise of

Cable drum trailers comprise of light systems and braking systems  that are formulated with different rules and polices.They are fitted with hydraulic hand operated pump  that can manudally be used to operate lower sections.These trailers are available in a variety of models formulated as per requirements.Choose from different trailers like highway trailers or site trailers and different models.Each cable drum feature is imbibed with their own features  and have been made with the best of materials that are durable and long lasting as well.

Designed for safety and efficacy

Cable drum trailers are designed specifically for Off road use.They are fitted with some form of brake systems, hand parking facilities and basic vehicle lights.The spped indicated should however, not exceed at the full rated pay load.All units have the same drum handling features.As the drum trailers  grow larger in size, they can accommodate larger drums.They are provided with drum locking collars  that are fitted to the spindles.

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