Cable Pulling Machines


Cable pulling machine prices

If you are searching for good cable pulling machines, then you should look to find places that offer you a comprehensive range of machines at an affordable price. You can choose from a number of machines which are powered electrically as well as hydraulically.

Hopefully with the help of this article you will be able to gather a lot of significant information about cable pulling machines and its myriad of features so that when you think of buying the machine you have your basic research work done, and hence such knowledge will aid you to pick the best one among all.

What cable pulling machines are all about?

Cable pulling machines enable the installation of a variety of fiber optic telecoms, LV HV power fiber optic, umbilical as well as cable ducts into underground trenches as well as over head poles. They serve all kinds of industries such as utility industries like power, railways and mining, offshore oil and gas, as well as petrochemical industries. Such equipments are globally recognized for the best kind of cable equipment.

Technical specifications

Before you try to select the best possible machine according to your requirements, knowing the technical aspects of the winches is really essential so that the machine you choose is technically sound and last for a long time. The 6.6 inch cable pulling winch comprises of start from 0.6 HP Amphibious motor and 3 Stage Planetary Gear System, Lifetime Mechanical Warranty, 5 Year Electrical Warranty, Completely Waterproof, state-of-the-art 500AMP Solenoid. You can choose from a varied range of equipments ranging from cable pulling and laying equipment for low as well as high voltage.

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The different kinds of cable pulling machine prices ?

The cable pulling machines are of different prices according to their technical features. From cable pulling winches to a variable other equipments, our vision is to serve you the very best equipments at affordable prices. Our institution is a well recognized one that has to offer its clients a variety of equipments and machineries at some of the lowest prices.

Our prices may vary in case of equipments like cable jacks, rollers, lubricant, lifters and the cable pulling machines. Each has a different price. Our machines are of the best quality with affordable prices that can be purchased by all. Cable pulling machines offer customers a comprehensive range of equipments at a very nominal price compared to all other stores. Each and every equipment is trusted and reliable.


Pulling Force
100 kN
Cable Length
Cable Ø
Cable Pulling Speed
Driving Unit
Diesel 44 kW
Motor Cooling
Wather Cooled
Double Axle
Brake SystemOverrun
Cable pulling machines

All our equipments are made of the best quality, customized wire and cable extruders so that they are powerful as well as durable. Cable pulling machines are available in various kinds that consist of electrical as well as hydraulic machines. Each winch has been tested for its longevity and is available in strong material in a various range of colors as well. The speed of the rope can also be adjusted according to the requirements. Our mounted cable pulling machines prices are available in varying ranges as well, however you need to choose from the best ones.

There are many types of cable pulling machines with cable pulling machines price available and used depending on the volume of the installation

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