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Cable pulling winches

Searching for best cable suppliers?

Have a look at some of the best cable pulling winches that require minimum maintenance, easy installation and are accurate and dimensional as well.

Cable pulling winches are strong, durable and help you in pulling any kind of cables like light weight cables as well as strong and heavy copper cables. Whether you are planning to install a cable underground or on an overhead pole, cable pulling machines will serve you significantly.

Technical specification

The 5Tons cable pulling winhes comprises of Cable Puller, Pull-It 3000, Pulling Force: 20 kN, No Anchoring & Attaches to Truck Receiver Hitch, Includes: (8) Conduit Adapters (1′-4″).  Some of the best cable puller machines are affordable, durable and tough as well.

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The services we provide

You can choose from a wide array of our cable pulling winches for installing a variety of power cables for pulling high tension wires as well as wires for telecom work. All the units put into practice and deliberated in a particular method for different uses and purpose. Our cable pulling machines are strong, durable and long lasting and comprise of heavy and powerful engines that are strong enough and can pull a good amount of load. But then, we would suggest you to check out all our machines with proper specifications and then buy the machines which satisfy your requirements appropriately.


Pulling Force50kN
Cable Length
500 m
Cable Ø
Cable Pulling Speed
Driving Unit
Diesel 14.5 kW
Motor Cooling
Air Cooled
ChassisSingle Axle
Brake SystemOverrun
Cable Pulling Machines

Our cable pulling winches are fitted with consoles so that the operator can observe the force which is being applied while pulling the cables.We have a team of well skilled people who are well adept in handling all kinds of cable pulling devices and can also help the users in the installation process aptly.

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