Cable Pulling Machines


Cable Pulling Machines- a boon to the industry

The cable pulling equipments are required for all the big projects or  commercial construction sites as well as engineering purposes and telecom industries.

What are cable pulling machines?

Cable pulling machines are one of the best equipments that are required for installing various cable lines in the best possible way. They are seamless, hassle free and cost effective as well. All the  machines are made with the best effective way so that they are long lasting and durable and can stand the heat and hard wearing conditions on site as well as off site. Some of the best cable pulling machines can be customized as per the requirements of the client or the project.

Technical specification

Cable pulling machines, Includes: (5) Conduit Adapters Sizes 2″ through 4″ (5″& 6″ Available), Foot Switch, includes CartA. The cable pulling machines helps in the installation of power cables underground as well as in overhead poles. All the basic units are implemented in the best possible way so that they can be of maximum usage. It is strong and durable and can stand the test of time. Each and every machine is fitted with a console so that the operator who is viewing the machine can view the force that he is applying on the machine. Cable pulling machines are in great demand because they are useful, efficient and very reliable. They are also safe to use and can be used on site as well as off site. They are being used by various companies for project purpose and for drawing cable lines to long distances.

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Choose from our wide range of machines

Our cable pulling machines are strong and durable and our winch can be preset as soon as it is installed so that they do not surpass the tension while pulling cables. All our winches have been designed in a technical manner so that they can pull all kinds of cables starting from delicate fibers as well as heavy copper cables. Unlimited length of pull is provided as well as the choice of the speed of the pulley.

Our cable puller machines are compact as well as lightweight and can be carried for a long distance. They also consist of reversed rotation techniques for the controlled release of heavy load.Our cable puller winch is powered by a motor which is moved by diesel and encompasses a storage drum which is fitted by non spin wire ropes. The cable puller can operate by a single being with the help of rollers, swivels, and pulling socks. All the winches are finished with standard paints or are galvanized and power coated.


Pulling Force
80 kN
Cable Length
Cable Ø
Cable Pulling Speed
Driving Unit
Diesel 36kW
Motor Cooling
Wather Cooled
Double Axle
Brake SystemOverrun
Cable Pulling Machines

Our cable puller winch can be electrically powered or by diesel. They have different kinds of pulling speeds as per requirements and can pull in both directions. All winches are built with the help of lights and reflectors, mudguards, wind down jockey wheel, and protected by a canopy. You can choose from an assortment of winches for all kinds of application. Our cable puller machines are easy to use, safe and can maintain very easily.

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