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Cable pulling winches- the concept, mechanism and common applications

Cable pulling winches are the advanced mechanism that allows the winding/unwinding of the cables. The article would boost your knowledge about the concept of winches, its mechanism and common applications.

The Cable Pulling Winches are mechanisms that are applied either to wind or unwind or alternatively to adjust the tensions for the wire rope or the cables. If you get to the simplest version, the mechanism features a spool that has a hand crack attached to it.  In bigger scales, the winches occupy the central position in the framework, as evident in the cases of the steam shovels, tow trucks or the elevators. You can call the spool alternatively as the winch drum. In advanced design, there is the assembly of the gears that runs of electrical power input.

Technical specification

A cable pulling capstan winch comes with 5 ton capacity. It is self-sufficient and is mounted on two wheeled trolley. It also comes with acoustic proof canopy loaded with 1000m of wire rope and total auto control setup. This winch also has load protection, speed protection, and auto/manual control.

Explaining the mechanism

The rope, usually, gets stored on the winches; while trimming the lines of the sailboat, the crew turns the handle of the winch, single handedly while, the tail end gets pulled with the other hand. This is done to balance the tension. In some cases, the winches feature the stripper for balancing the variable tension. Such mechanism is referred to as the self-tailing winch.

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An overview of the advanced grades of winches that we offer

In concurrent time, our Cable Pulling Winches can be found, fabricated in the framework of aquatic as well as the snow sports. We develop advanced grades of winches to suffice the task of pulling the riders across the aquatic or snowy surfaces, swiftly.  With us, you get the widest portfolio of winches that would serve the widest arrays of requirements.


Hydraulic Cable Pulling Machine 15 TONS Specifications
Pulling Force
Cable Length
500 m
Cable Ø
18 mm
Cable Pulling Speed
Driving Unit
Diesel 50kW
Motor Cooling
Wather Cooled
Double Axle
Brake SystemOverrun
Common applications

Very often, winches found application as the backstage mechanical element that moves the scenery in the large-scale theatrical production. You would even see the winches embedded to the flooring of the stage to move the gigantic set pieces.

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