Hydraulic Drum Trailers Turkey


Why hydraulic cable drum trailers?

Designed and supplied specifically for, these Site trailers are all fitted with some form of brake system, hand parking facility and basic vehicle lights. Although not built to conform with EEC braking/lighting directives certain countries have operated these units on the highway under the proviso that Towing speeds indicated must not be exceeded at full rated payload. All units incorporate the same drum handling features and in some cases additional options as the Highway range.

Why does hydraulic cable drum trailers in demand?

There are many reasons as to why a hydraulic cable drum trailer is so much in demand. They are operable by a single hand and can lift heavy loads and transport goods from one place to another in a very seamless manner without any kind of accidents. It has leak pins that control the lift in case of a sudden hydraulic system failure, though this normally is not common.

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The specifications of a hydraulic cable drum trailer

The hydraulic cable drum trailers have a hydraulic double action hand pump with a mechanical safety lock for safety. No lubrication is required as it has a trailing arm type with sub axles. All models of hydraulic cable drum trailer has hydraulic Brakes as well as Parking brakes to all axles.The trailers comprise of full lighting systems with international standards.The front frame can also be removed There are various kinds of cable drum trailers among which the AUTO4, AUTO7 up to AUTO30 and most in use. They are equipped with braking as well as road lighting systems and is designed in a way so that it can carry heavy loads and travel at a certain speed.The trailers are fitted with a hydraulic hand pump that makes travelling safe and secured on smooth roads.The trailers also comprise of mechanical security lock for protection.


Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Empty weight (kg)
Payload (kg)
Total weight (kg)
max. drum dia. (mm)
Clear loading width (mm)
Tyres size1100×22.5
hydraulic cable drum trailers

The hydraulic cable drum trailers can be easily towed by a tractor, a jeep or a tempo depending on the load of the cable drum. The carrier can also be easily pulled manually by around 5-6 labors loaded in the cable drum.They are very efficient and handy as well.

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