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cable drum pulling winches machines

cable pulling winches machines

Cable Pulling Winch, 500 daN Pulling Force

Our small winch with high capacity. It is suitable for interior mounting on cable boards, cable laying on ships, removing the dirt from cable cords as well as for pulling in and out of light cable. / Cable Pulling Winches

The Cable Pulling Winches is appropriate for indoor mounting on cable boards, cable laying on ships, cleaning of cable cords as well as for cable pulling in and out of light cable.

Cable Pulling Winches

Standard equipment

  • Mechanical drive with petrol or electric engine.
  • Small size
  • Rope drum with 250 m steel wire rope, Dia. = 5,0 mm (max. rope length 400 m)
  • Rope drum able to be disassembled  for pulling-out the rope
  • Manual rope layering by the hand lever
  • Pulling force limitation by the adjustable limit switch by means of scale
  • Painting: RAL 5015 (blue) or Orange (adjustable)

Optional equipment:

  • Single phase AC engine 1,5 kW 230 V, 50 Hz.
  • Bigger rope lengths up to max 400 mt.
  • Electric brake motor for holding the load.
  • Other colors upon request!
  • Cable Pulling Winches

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Cable Pulling Machines 7 Tons

Cable Pulling Capstan Winches

Cable Pulling Capstan Winches

Those winches are the best choice for seasonal contracts in telecommunication applications also for electricity supply cable network maintenance , where low space requirements , mobility and reliability are very important, cable pulling capstan winches.

Huge Amount of Power Within Low Space

The winches of this series are powered by a two-cylinder four-round petrol engines via endlessly variable, hydrostatic transmissions., the tension is produced by a twin capstan assembly,As in the heavy-duty series without undue stress on the wire rope, cable pulling capstan winches.

The relatively low weight of this compact type of winch, ready for use, i.e. between 1050 and 1200 kg, based on the type, in addition to the overrunning brake, that allows it to be pulled by ordinary passenger car, cable pulling capstan winches.

to make sure that your cable pulling machine is ready for use, the winches of this series are provided with certified measuring and controlling devices normally exist in the heavy-duty series of winches. The tension force is logged by the PC 310 pulling force control and recording device.


cable pulling capstan winches

cable pulling capstan winches

The whole power pack with the operation panel is frame assembled and fully encased by sound proved steel sheet case and able to be locked. The total length, including tow-bar, is 2900 mm.


Technical Data

Standard design:

  • one-axle chassis with overrunning and automatic reversing brake system, straight tow-bar with ball type coupling, 12 V lighting system and TÜV-approval
  • Lockable, soundproofed sheet metal bonnet
  • PC 310 pulling force control and recording system
  • Electronic meter gage
  • Operating hour counter
  • Petrol engine with hydrostatic gear system
  • Twin capstan system with rope storage drum and 500 m rope
  • Painting: traffic red RAL 3020

Extras: (on demand)

  • Other types of engines, painting or rope lengths
  • Telescopic deflection boom

Dimensions and weights may change if extras are fitted.

Series Max. Pulling
Max. Pulling
Cylinder Rope








KN10 10 90 10 1 6 3000 1650 1350 1100
KN20 20 80 12 2 8 3000 1650 1350 1100
KN30 30 60 12 2 10 3000 1650 1350 1250

Specifications are subjects to change without notice

Cable Pulling Capstan Winches