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The importance of cable rollers

Cable rollers

The importance of cable rollers

Cable rollers are a very important source of equipment for projects that are being undertaken for any kind of project work as well as for pulling cables under the ground or over head. There are various kinds of cable rollers that you can choose from as per requirements.

The different kind of cable rollers

There are different kinds of cable rollers that include straight cable rollers, corner cable roller as well as triple cable and special cable roller. These cables are all required to pull underground cables into trenches and deep pits underground. It is very important to use cable roller while pulling a cable. The cables which are straight are pulled with the help of straight cable roller that are placed on the cable trench to prevent the cable from being dragged down in the mud and causing damage.

Specifications of a cable roller

The SLR1 is a compact cable roller for use in narrow trenches and/ or in confined areas and suitable for cables up to 90mm. The SLR2 bridge style cable roller is principally the same as the SLR1 but with the added benefit of being able to stand over existing cables or objects in the trench. The SLR3 is an economical yet versatile and very compact cable roller for use in narrow trenches or secured on cable trays/gantries.

Due to the design, this can also be used as a pipe roller for diameters of up to 200mm. The SLR4 is a heavy duty cable roller for use in most cable laying applications and suitable for cables up to 130mm. Note – for the heaviest of cables, the Diablo roller can be substituted for a heavy duty parallel roller. The SLR5 cable roller is principally the same as the SLR4 but with the added benefit of being able to bridge existing cables or objects already in the trench. The SLR6 is an economical yet versatile

How to roll a cable?

We believe that smooth work is the key to success and that is why our cable roller are designed in a way so that they can fully support the cable over the entire drums before being pulled into the trench. Narrow Cable roller are required for straight cables which are up to a length of 76mm diameter. The spacing of cable rollers depends on the type of cable which is being installed as well as the pulling tension and corner cable roller are used for guide all kinds of cables through bends in the route.

Our experienced men are adept at handling all kinds of cable rollers and how to use them during a project.Our cable rollers at cable pulling machines are supplied for lying of cables, setting up underground as well as overhead cables, distributing cables in rail trackside, along the road as well as for optical fiber and telecom lines.

cable rollers

cable rollers


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Cable Drum Trailer

Hydraulic cable drum trailers a machine with a twist

Hydraulic cable drum trailers a machine with a twist

If you are searching for some of the best hydraulic cable drum trailers at affordable prices and the best of quality then you one stop shop is cable pulling machines.They are reliable, safe and affordable as well.

Why does hydraulic cable drum trailers in demand?

There are many reasons as to why a hydraulic cable drum trailers is so much in demand.They are operable by a single hand and can lift heavy loads and transport goods from one place to another in a very seamless manner without any kind of accidents. It has leak pins that control the lift in case of a sudden hydraulic system failure, though this normally is not common.

The specifications of a hydraulic cable drum trailer

The hydraulic cable drum trailers have a hydraulic double action hand pump with a mechanical safety lock for safety.No lubrication is required as it has a trailing arm type with sub axles. All models of hydraulic cable drum trailers has hydraulic Brakes as well as Parking brakes to all axles.The trailers comprise of full lighting systems with international standards.The front frame can also be removed There are various kinds of cable drum trailers among which the CD 20, PT60 and CD30 and most in use.They are equipped with braking as well as road lighting systems and is designed in a way so that it can carry heavy loads and travel at a certain speed.The trailers are fitted with a hydraulic hand pump that makes travelling safe and secured on smooth roads.The trailers also comprise of mechanical security lock for protection.

It also comprises of stoppers to manage the lift of the ladder beyond the estimated height.At the same time it has a locking mechanism that helps to hold up the drums in a  safe and effective manner.No special effort is required to pull up the cable drums as the hydraulic system takes care of the same.It is a one man effort and requires no other hands.All trailers have electrical wiring system that has been concealed with flexible iron pipes so that it ensures safety as well as a long life.It also comprises of a Seamless steel tubing for hydraulic fluid to withstand all kinds of pressure.The hydraulic cable drum trailers can be easily towed by a tractor, a jeep or a tempo depending on the load of the cable drum. The carrier can also be easily pulled manually by around 5-6 labors loaded in the cable drum.They are very efficient and handy as well.

The best equipments by cable pulling machines,

We are one of the best equipment companies that has the most excellent equipments and accessories for project work.  Our products are made with the greatest quality material so that it is hard-wearing as well long lasting.Our hydraulic cable drum trailers are of a variety of shapes and sizes and they are well prepared to heavy loads of synthetic as well as copper cable materials.

Hydraulic Cable Drum Trailers

Hydraulic Cable Drum Trailers