Get To Know About Capstan Winches

Get To Know About capstan winches

winches are used in working of many machines these days including Cable Pulling Machines and small boats. With growing demand, winches have improved over time with many-advanced mechanism. Capstan Winches are such an improvement and also an addition to the family of winches. Before you buy one you need to know the specifications of capstan winches.


About Capstan Winches

Capstan is a vertical-axle rotating machine that was developed over time to be used on ships and sailing boats to apply force to rope, cables and hawsers. Capstan winches were developed on the same mechanism for the use of cable Pulling machines. Winches play an important part in the working of cable pulling machines and helps applying force in pulling up of cables and also installing them. These winches receive power either from electricity or hydraulically.


Services Offered

The invention of Capstan winches has definitely added power to the cable pulling machines. These winches come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are cost friendly. It also gives the customer consumer satisfaction as our products are made of the very best quality and we extend our services to our buyers ever after the product is bought and is in use. These winches mainly work on hydraulic power and has an engine internally built. It is most commonly used to pull up or lay underground cable lines and requires almost no manual power. It ensures a smooth running and functioning of the work. With long lasting and durable services the capstan winches sure makes an important improvement in cable pulling machines. A rope guide is provided for the perfect laying of rope or cables as winches are mostly used for cable pulling machines these days. Also easy to maintain.

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