The efficacy of cable drum stands

The efficacy of cable drum stands


Cable drum stands have been specifically designed to meet the needs of contractors and project workers where the necessity of having a cable drum trailer is not practical. These are very useful and efficient when concerned with the project workers and contractors.


How are the cable drum stands designed?


Cable drum stands are available with either a fixed spindle, i.e. a drum loaded by the external means or supplied self sufficiently for lifting or lowering as used on a standard Cable Drum trailer. They are available in Diesel, petrol, PTO drum drive system or electric system for easy cable payout. The drum stands are mounted with turntable, which allows for 360 degrees of axis movement for total suppleness when solid mounted. These drum stands have been designed and manufactured to suit the requirements of the client.


Specifications of the cable drum stands


A normal drum diameter is 1800 mm with the width of 1500 mm. The maximum drum width is 2.5 tones and the drum speed is 30 mars/minute. The drum stand has been powered by diesel engine contained in weatherproof cabinet with sound proofing as well. They are manually operated by hydraulic controls and remote control options are also available.


Built to your specifications


Cable drum stands can be built as per your specifications for using conveniently with vehicles. They have been specially designed with a one-man operated spindle shaft that can be interchanged with a self-loading cable trailer when needed. The cable drum stand has a hydraulically adjusted height roller, which allows for usage with different shapes and sizes of drums. The drum can be built as per the customer’s specification with its own Power engine. They are capable of producing a line pull of 10kn while paying out overhead Power Lines and 30mtrs/min Recovery speed. Installing overhead power cables are easy with the help of two drum stands by placing one on top of the other Cable drum stands have a warranty of two years and they are easily maintainable as well.

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