Helping to pull cables accurately

Cable pulling winches are used for pulling and lifting heavy materials from one place to another. They can be found in a wide range of sizes and load capacities. These winches can be found in steel core as well as fiber core. Why is cable pulling winches so much favored? Cable pulling winches comprise of swivels, latch hooks, swage and abrasion opposing galvanized steel towing cable that can be used by manually operated and electrically operated winches. These cable pulling winches are light in weight and they also offer flexibility, power and durability. Cable pulling winches are easy to maneuver and they are user friendly as well with no sharp edges and no sharp corners as well. They also comprise of a protective cover that will help prevent overheating of the cable wires. 

What are cable pulling winches used for Cable pulling winches are used for pulling high tension wires in a smooth and hassle free manner. There are various kinds of cable puller winches that are required for installing and removing power cables from overhead poles as well as underground. These winches are designed in a scientific and specific manner and fitted with a heavy and powerful engine that helps in hydraulic transmission. They are light in weight, flexible, easy to maintain and affordable as well. These cable pulling winches come with a two year warranty. 

Available in various models Cable Pulling winches are available in a number of models depending on the size and the load it needs to carry. They are available in 2000 KW, 400 KW 500KW and more. They are mounted with power take offs. The provide the perfect solution for installing long and heavy lengths of cable in difficult locations  and also helps reduce manpower and extra labor  that is required for installation .Cable Pulling winches are also safer and faster.·       They are compact, lightweight, and portable·       They have unlimited length of pull and choice of rope speed·       They also have reverse rotation facilities for Controlled release at high loads 

Cable Pulling winches are reliable, convenient and effective means of pulling high tension fibers and heavy material as well. They are thus used by various companies and different kinds of projects like real estate projects, telecom and electric companies.

Cable Pulling Machines – An Useful Equipment For You

Cable Pulling Machines – An Useful Equipment For You

Cable pulling machines are one of the premium quality equipment’s. It is not only reliable and efficient for the purpose and it provide the best cost effective method of laying about all cables to come in the upcoming years.

These cables are durable as well as long lasting in nature, and it is safe for usage. Some of these cables are made out as per you requirements and is being customized accordingly.

The essential part of cable pulling machines are the cable drums as it helps all the units to accommodate all tasks together which are heavy and non movable by one self. They help to carry out the works as it got the best quality hard copper cables, which are very hard to move from one part to another. These cable pulling machines are generally used in various projects both onsite and offsite.


The cable-pulling machine consists a power unit with diesel engine rated from 13Kw to 3600rpm. It also consists of a main drive system with a single capstan. Hydraulic driven rope tension with rewind drums drive. It also contains dial gauge for pressure pull with a pull load indicator.

The diameter of the rewind drum states from 400mtrs x 10mm with maximum capacity. The rope laying is a free moving laying arm, which is mounted under the rewind drum.

Benefits of using the Cable pulling machines:

Cable Pulling Winches Covered Version

The manufacturer makes sure that the cable pulling machines are capable of carrying out various sizes of drums with the help of cable wire. It comprises of a vast number of hydraulic and cable machines that helps out in smooth work flow and takes care about the performance as well. The equipment’s are all the upgraded versions with the latest technology and it is definitely focused on the best materials.

Take a good look before getting your hands on any materials:

You should gather up your knowledge before you end up purchasing any Cable pulling machines. Get to know about the manufacturer, see their selling details and also the reliability. Check the safety and the quality of the product. The warranty period is valued for long good 2years. Also go through the maintenance options and the services the company provides with the availability of cheap parts.

The efficacy of cable drum stands

The efficacy of cable drum stands


Cable drum stands have been specifically designed to meet the needs of contractors and project workers where the necessity of having a cable drum trailer is not practical. These are very useful and efficient when concerned with the project workers and contractors.


How are the cable drum stands designed?


Cable drum stands are available with either a fixed spindle, i.e. a drum loaded by the external means or supplied self sufficiently for lifting or lowering as used on a standard Cable Drum trailer. They are available in Diesel, petrol, PTO drum drive system or electric system for easy cable payout. The drum stands are mounted with turntable, which allows for 360 degrees of axis movement for total suppleness when solid mounted. These drum stands have been designed and manufactured to suit the requirements of the client.


Specifications of the cable drum stands


A normal drum diameter is 1800 mm with the width of 1500 mm. The maximum drum width is 2.5 tones and the drum speed is 30 mars/minute. The drum stand has been powered by diesel engine contained in weatherproof cabinet with sound proofing as well. They are manually operated by hydraulic controls and remote control options are also available.


Built to your specifications


Cable drum stands can be built as per your specifications for using conveniently with vehicles. They have been specially designed with a one-man operated spindle shaft that can be interchanged with a self-loading cable trailer when needed. The cable drum stand has a hydraulically adjusted height roller, which allows for usage with different shapes and sizes of drums. The drum can be built as per the customer’s specification with its own Power engine. They are capable of producing a line pull of 10kn while paying out overhead Power Lines and 30mtrs/min Recovery speed. Installing overhead power cables are easy with the help of two drum stands by placing one on top of the other Cable drum stands have a warranty of two years and they are easily maintainable as well.