Helping to pull cables accurately

Cable pulling winches are used for pulling and lifting heavy materials from one place to another. They can be found in a wide range of sizes and load capacities. These winches can be found in steel core as well as fiber core. Why is cable pulling winches so much favored? Cable pulling winches comprise of swivels, latch hooks, swage and abrasion opposing galvanized steel towing cable that can be used by manually operated and electrically operated winches. These cable pulling winches are light in weight and they also offer flexibility, power and durability. Cable pulling winches are easy to maneuver and they are user friendly as well with no sharp edges and no sharp corners as well. They also comprise of a protective cover that will help prevent overheating of the cable wires. 

What are cable pulling winches used for Cable pulling winches are used for pulling high tension wires in a smooth and hassle free manner. There are various kinds of cable puller winches that are required for installing and removing power cables from overhead poles as well as underground. These winches are designed in a scientific and specific manner and fitted with a heavy and powerful engine that helps in hydraulic transmission. They are light in weight, flexible, easy to maintain and affordable as well. These cable pulling winches come with a two year warranty. 

Available in various models Cable Pulling winches are available in a number of models depending on the size and the load it needs to carry. They are available in 2000 KW, 400 KW 500KW and more. They are mounted with power take offs. The provide the perfect solution for installing long and heavy lengths of cable in difficult locations  and also helps reduce manpower and extra labor  that is required for installation .Cable Pulling winches are also safer and faster.·       They are compact, lightweight, and portable·       They have unlimited length of pull and choice of rope speed·       They also have reverse rotation facilities for Controlled release at high loads 

Cable Pulling winches are reliable, convenient and effective means of pulling high tension fibers and heavy material as well. They are thus used by various companies and different kinds of projects like real estate projects, telecom and electric companies.

Cable laying products – Its preparation and equipment’s used for it

Cable laying products – Its preparation and equipment’s used for it


Cables set up into cable pipes are normally used on assignments where the cable pipe is concealed deep inside the ground. This is for providing adequate fortification for the cable pipe and consequently the cables that frequently have a high voltage and are potentially dangerous o not being installed correctly, Cable laying products.


The sort of cables that are regularly set up in such applications requires that several checks be done ahead of proceeding with the cable pull.


Checks that must be done ahead of a cable pull

It is vital that a cable duct line is tested for any impediment and anything found be removed.


To ensure that duct’s of ample size for accommodating the cable.


If, at some stage in such checks, the span of cable, which is 3 meter, incurs any damage over half the deepness of the surface casing the duct route has to be fixed before the pulling through of the entire cable, cable laying products.


There are many a company that supply premium cable laying products

And cable pulling items. Such companies can provide the complete range of items for duct as well as trench applications.


Equipment’s used for installation of cables


Installation of cables usually requires a maximum of 9 diverse cable laying products, which are:


Cable Winch – It’s used for actually heaving the cable right through the duct, lessening the requirement for manpower and adding to productivity.


Cable Bell mouth – Its use is the added defense to the cables while being heaved right through the duct.

Rope Guide Roller – this guide draw ropes/-cabling ropes emerging from joint boxes/ manhole.


Swivel Link – This swivels a complete 360° and lets the pulling through of the rope with no twists


Cable Drum Trailer – It’s of use in the storage and transportation of cable drums.


Cable Socks – This supports the heaving thorough of cables.


Conduit Rod – This is of use in installing draw/ winch ropes. /


Manhole Roller – This is helpful in guiding the wire/cable.


Cable Lubricant – It makes the pulling process easier and speedier and puts off snagging and consequently damage to the wire/cable.


What do the producers of such products offer you?


The producers of premium cable laying products have staffs that are present where the operation is in progress and they strive to realize the unique desires and demands of clients.


  • Their service stations warranty optimal support for the clients.


  • They also offer discount on their products and services and a warranty for their products.