Cable Drum Trailers

Always use premium Cable trailers

Cable Trailer

Cable Trailer

Always use premium Cable trailers

A Cable trailer is acknowledged as amongst the most imperative accessories that are mandatory for any variety of projects, regardless of it being a construction business / a telecom business/ electric supply. It’s a primary gear that’s mandatory for the loading of cable drums and their unreeling.

There are several websites for quality trailers

If you are on the lookout for a cable trailer of the premium quality that is capable of getting the work done correctly, there are several websites where you will find them. Most of these sites have an extensive assortment of them, which can be of great help in transporting power and also data cable drums directly to the work/ development site of yours.

On such sites the job at hand doesn’t matter.


Talking about the subject of a quality cable trailer, the features of this that are available on such some premium sites are:

  • The greatest capacity array, ranging between 600 kg and 6.5 tonne
  • Single, dual as well as triple drum trailers for suiting your application
  • cable trailer that are self loadable for effortless management
  • Hydraulic drum drives that help in effortless track and pace control
  • The presence of Disc brakes on top of the spindles for protected drag control
  • premium petrol motors and premium diesel motors

They are branded for excellence in design and premium products. They have the backing of an expert squad of engineers, factory-authorized technical persons and an extremely well-informed customer service squad. They are also furnishing solutions for meeting any and every project prerequisite, which imply greater effectiveness and lessened costs

The companies are committed to keeping abreast of the up-to-the-minute techniques and for achieving this they test and purchase new gear on ongoing basis. The sites also keep themselves abreast of legislative alterations, which include Workplace wellbeing and Safety prerequisites. Thus their trailers are made in such a way that they are easily maintainable.

They boast of a have a comprehensive assortment of custom-made services that include:


  • Rope spooling & de-spooling
  • VOC training
  • Winch fixes and equipment fixes, safeguarding and testing
  • Winch inspection
  • Chain raising servicing, fixes and testing
  • Rope substitution
  • And more

For all their trailers they offer low-cost spare parts, and their trailers carry a warranty of a couple of years.

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