The guide to the best synthetic winch ropes for your ATV

The guide to the best synthetic winch ropes for your ATV, UTV and trailers


Synthetic winch ropes are known to be powerful but at the same time light in weight. It is also 40% more powerful than a wire rope and at the same time easier to manage, as it is lighter. All synthetic winch ropes are not made in the same way.


What is the synthetic winch rope made of?


Manufactures use more than one kind of fiber to use synthetic winch ropes. The polymer that is used in the rope helps in enhancing the performance of the rope and also helps to map its durability. Polypropylene is made up of thermoplastic polymer fiber and is light to handle, easy to maintain and powerful enough to be used for years. The synthetic winch rope should however, not be exposed to sunlight or heat as it melts. As it melts, the rope tends to lose its strength. That is the reason why the material must be changed in every 12 months for better performance. UV sensitive winch ropes are treated with ultraviolet inhibitors and anti oxidants that help to slower down the process of degradation. The best quality synthetic winch ropes are treated with high quality polymers so that they are powerful, lightweight, and at the same time high in performance.


Choosing the color of your winch rope


Black and white winch ropes protect your rope from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Red and Yellow winch ropes should be avoided as they degrade faster than any other color. The white color rope reflects the ultraviolet rays and black color tends to absorb the rays and convert it into heat. Black is definitely a better color choice if you are using the winch rope outdoors.


What you should consider while using your synthetic winch rope
Synthetic winch ropes are impacted by heat- whether it is from the sun or the fire. When the ropes are exposed to a temperature between 150-450 degrees F, their strength slowly reduces. It then causes the line to weaken and results in breakage of the same. It is not important to spool the line because it may damage the rope as well as the winch. A Synthetic winch has a 2-year warranty and is easily maintainable as well.

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