Cable Laying Products Guard Dog Cable Protectors – Improving safety

Cable Laying Products

Guard Dog Cable Protectors – Improving safety


Are you having a hard time in deciphering a way of organizing wires and cables when a big event is underway? Unfastened cables and dangling wires can be of the cause of mishaps and leaving them insecure is also a dilemma. If you use a Guard Dog Cable Protector you can manage cables without hassles.


Description of Guard Dog Cable Protector


It is the promptest and simplest possible way of protecting important hose lines and electronic cables from neglect and harm even as it provides pedestrian transfer and means of transportation with a way of passing through sans any problem.


The item guarantees protection by the separation and arrangement of every single cable in its personal protective conduit. This is among the cable laying products that is ideal for public use. Its uses are in:


  • Pleasure and sporting occasions
  • Construction
  • Industrial and commercial use
  • Additional utility applications


The way in which it steps up Safety and its uses


The product features a load capacity of as much as 10,500 lbs/tire and thus there isn’t any requirement of worrying about the cables and wires of yours getting trampled by vehicular/ walker traffic. It’s competent in protecting cables and hose that has a diameter of 1.3 inches. Cable laying products And, its hinged lid facilitates the removal of cables. Another grand feature of this product is that it is guaranteed to stay put on its site since it has end caps that you can taper to the soil.


A user also has the option of getting protectors having anti-slip rubber padding for further safety, cable laying products.


This product is best for commercial, industrial, and public use. It does great job of defending cables, pipes, conduit, and also hose lines that have been mounted or set up to the flooring/ ground.


Events and sites that make use of ample cables & hose lines like amphitheaters, amusement parks, TV/ motion pictures, convention centres, auditoriums, festivals, exhibit halls, arenas, and also racing tracks, can find this product to be of great use.


The advantages of using a good company of cable laying products


One of the key strengths of a good company of cable laying products is its ability to modify its products and services for fitting your needs.


A good company of cable laying products can also service your prerequisites as it has in-house capabilities for manufacturing products right from its design till its delivery.


It also maximizes value for all clients; offer warranty for all its products

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