The efficiency of cable drum rollers

The efficiency of cable drum rollers


Cable drum rollers are efficiently used in narrow trenches or small and confined areas. They are available in a number of sizes and specifications. The lengths can be extended for use in ladder racks and Gantries.


How does the cable drum roller look like?


The cable drum roller is a compact cable roller for storing and unreeling cable reels and rolls. The smooth running zinc plated rollers with heavy-duty steel ball bearings ensure that the cable can be pulled without any kind of hassles and snags. The cable drum roller has been designed to dispense a cable or a wire easily without any kind of hassles easily and safely. It can secure and pull a roll of cable up to 350 mm wide and the centers can also be adjusted to suit large or small diameters of cable reels. The galvanized steel drum rollers are around 265mm apart and on a smaller platform. The cable drum rollers are known to have a rigid and strong welded frame, which is strong, and power coated. Electricians and linesmen use them all across the world.


What is the load that they can carry?


Cable drum rollers can carry a safe working load of 200kg on a normal basis and are designed to carry more as well. They are designed with the state of the art equipment’s including a robot welder to fabricate the rigid steel frame. The smaller cable drum rollers are galvanized and fitted with heavy-duty steel ball bearings. The cable drum roller lasts for a long period of time and ensures that they are a safe and secure way of dispensing cables and leads. These rollers can secure rolls of cable up to 650mm or 26″ wide. They are used for fencing installers, unrolling wheels of fencing wire and barbed wire as well as irrigation installations.

Good quality

Cable drum rolls are made with good quality equipment’s and they are safe and sound to use as well. They come with a two-year warranty period and are affordable as well.

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