Cable Drum Trailers About

If you work in a sector that requires you to deal with cable drums in the means of cable laying or cable drums transportation, we can provide you with the best equipment that enable you from accomplishing your job successfully, our equipments are made with the best quality material so it is durable and have the ability to deal with heavy loads easily and in a save way.

Among these equipment, the cable drum trailers which comprise of mechanical security lock, safety parking breaks and braking and lighting system. In addition to that it is designed in a way  nables it from carrying heavy loads and travel at a certain speed safely and without any worries. Also our cable drum trailers are equipped with hydraulic hand pump which operates to lift and lower the whole system in accordance with the rules and standards and regulations and after raising the unit it can be mechanically locked to maintain the safety and protection during the work.

We are offering a variety of useful equipment and accessories which are built with excellent quality materials that is long lasting. Our cable drum trailers come in various shapes and sizes. They are equipped to carry proper loads easily in addition to that they have all the required features which enables them from operating smoothly in projects fields. Our cable drum trailers can carry and deal with various drum sizes according to each unit capacity also it can be trailed by a vehicle easily.

And finally our products are affordable, reliable, safe, heavy duty and have a premium quality. Our products are proudly made in Turkey. If you are looking for a Cable Drum Trailers that you can depend on during your work please Contact us and we will provide you with further information and our prices.

Cable drum trailers

Cable drum trailers