Cable Drum Rollers – a necessity for all industries

Cable drum Rollers – a necessity for all industries


Cable drum rollers are required for all kinds of heavy industries like construction as well as in vehicle industries. These rollers are needed to carry heavy drums from one place to another in a smooth and hassle free manner. They are reliable, efficient and affordable as well.


The importance of cable drums rollers


Cable drum rollers are known to be one of the most important accessories that are required for all kinds of projects like Construction Company or a telecom industry or electric supply. It is one of the most important equipment’s that are required use in narrow trenches or in confined areas. They are also used in cable trays or bolted down as material rollers. Cable drum rollers are really useful for laying out different shapes and sizes of cables under the ground or overhead as well.


Specifications of a cable drum roller


  • The cable drum roller is used in narrow trenches as well as in confined areas. They are available in various shapes as well as in sizes.
  • They are fitted with a heavy-duty tubular frame and a straight-line bridge roller.
  • They are fitted with hoops to fit over previously laid cables
  • They roller has a 76 mm diameter aluminum roller
  • 90mm diameter Cable Capacity
  • The roller is free from maintenance and weighs around 2.5 kgs.
  • The equipment is finished with a plate of bright zinc. Each of the cable drum rollers have great handling capabilities


Efficacy in using them
The cable drum roller lasts for a long period of time and ensures that they are a safe and secure way of dispensing cables and leads. They are easily maintainable and at the same time very affordable as well. These come with a warranty of 2 years and more if used properly. The lengths can be extended for use in ladder racks and Gantries. Cable drum rollers can carry a safe working load of 200kg on a normal basis and are designed to carry more as well. They are made with premium quality materials

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