Buying cable pulling rollers from the best manufacturers

Buying cable Pulling rollers from the best manufacturers


If you are looking for some of the best cable pulling rollers, then you can contact a number of suppliers and manufacturers supplying the best quality cable pulling rollers. Cable Pulling rollers are made with the finest materials that are produced by quality standards.


Have a long life


Cable pulling rollers are known to have a long service life. They have been made with an advance state of the art technology. The best manufacturers offer reliable and durable cable pulling rollers. The comprehensive line of cables comprises of Straight Line Cable Roller, Bridge Cable Rollers, V Shaped Cable Rollers, Triple Corner Cable Roller and Manhole Cable Roller. Straight-line cable rollers are used for pulling high and low voltage power cables into cable trench & cable duct. They are made with steel frame fitted large weighted rollers running on sealed ball bearings. They are fabricated with steel.


The specification of cable pulling rollers


The cable pulling rollers are coated with plastic coated heavy duty assembly that is suited for cables up to 125mm Diameter. They have a steel frame fitted large weighted steel roller running on sealed ball bearings. The base size begins from 350mm × 230mm and the roller size begins from 115mm diameter  × 190mm length. Both ends of rollers are fitted with ZZ bearings with bearing covers. The cable pulling rollers can take a load of 1000kgm. The straight-line roller cables should be properly spaced in the trench at 2-2.5 meter intervals whether the cable drum is up to 10 tons in weight at 1.5 – 2mtr intervals for drums greater than 10 tonnes


Available in varied options
Cable pulling rollers are available in a variety of options. They are available in a number of styles and sizes and budgets as well. They cable rollers are durable and last for a long time. They come with a two-year warranty and can be maintained as well. They help in ensuring that a cable is pulled out of a trench smoothly and in a hassle free manner.

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