The importance of cable drum rollers

The Cable Drum Rollers make rolling cables trouble-free and rapid. Just place the cable drum onto the roller and unwind cables. Cable drum rollers are used for large cable spools, for payout, unwinding & take up of heavy cable.

What are cable drum rollers used for

Cable Drum rollers are one of the most cable rollers that are used for storing and unreeling of Cable reels and rolls. These cable drum rollers comprise of smooth running zinc plated rollers that consist of heavy duty steel ball bearings that ensure easy cable payout without any kind of hassles. Each cable roller has been smartly designed to safely dispense a reel of cable or wire in a smooth and protected manner. An average sized cable roller can secure a roll of cable up to 350 mm wide and the centers of the rollers can also be made in a way so that they can be suited for small as well as big diameter cable reels.

The settings of a cable drum roller

The centers of the cable drum roller comprise of galvanized steel rollers. They are made of rigid and welded steel frame that is powder coated. These cable drum rollers have a safe working load of 200 kgs and are specially designed by well known engineers. Cable drum rollers are used by electricians, technicians, communication people, linesmen and various people all across the nation.

What is Cable drum rollers used for?

Cable drum rollers are usually the most required in narrow trenches and in confined areas where there is very less space. They are very easy to maintain and have a bright zinc plated finish. There are various kinds of cable drum rollers based on the shape, size and requirements. They comprise of straight cable drum rollers, corner cable drum rollers, and triple and special cable rollers. These cable drum rollers are usually used to pull thick and heavy cables into the ground and trenches as well as deep pits. The cables are pulled with the help of the straight cable drum roller that are placed on the cable trench so that the cable is not dragged down into the mud and is damaged. Cable drum rollers are one of the most important equipments in demand by various construction companies.They are made with strong and durable material that will last for long