Cable Blowing Machines 10 Tons

Pulling a cable efficiently with cable pulling winches

Cable Pulling winches help you to pull a cable in a smooth and efficient manner. They offer you some of the best efficient and cost effective ways of laying and removing thick and heavy cables for the years ahead.

They are durable, long lasting and safe to use  How is cable pulling winches designed? Cable pulling winches are especially useful for installing power cables and high powered tension wires. They are designed in a technical and scientific manner so that they can move cables from one place to another in a smooth and effective manner.

Cable Pulling Winches Standard Version

Fitted with powerful and heavy duty engines, these Cable pulling winches are really reliable and effective and help in powering hydraulic transmission for a smooth and hassle free tug. These winches comprise of a special kind of console so that the operator can have a visual display of the force that he is applying to the winches while pulling the heavy cable wires.

They are reliable, affordable and well designed with the accurate specifications Cable pulling winches are used to pull different kinds of wires that include soft and delicate fiber wires as well as heavy copper wires. They are also well equipped and well powered to pull heavy high tension wires, coaxial cables, and HV cables and sub duct cables.

These machines are strongly designed and they are powerful enough and can be used for residential and commercial projects.

All the designs and implemented in various kinds of manners.

They are easy and reliable Cable pulling winches are easy and effective to use. They are safe, convenient, durable and long lasting as well. They have all been designed and built in a manner to last for a long time and which can assist you to pull heavy cables from one place to another. These cable pulling winches can also be customized as per requirements. They are easy to maintain with a two year warranty on all their parts. These machines can pull any amount of load. They are an inevitable part of any project where pulling heavy cable is required. They help to pull and install cables as well as pull out damaged cables from underground as well.