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Cable Pulling Machines- a benefit to all projects

Cable Pulling machines comprise of some of the best Cable pulling equipments that are required for all projects and commercial construction sites, telecom industries as well as for engineering purposes.

What are cable pulling machines

Cable pulling machines are known to be one of the best equipments that are required to install and remove different cable lines in a smooth and seamless manner. They are required by various companies because of their reliability, cost effective nature and hassle free installation process. They are made of the best material that makes it durable and long lasting as well. These materials can withstand high temperature like heat and frost and can also withstand heavy storm and rains. Cable pulling machines can also be customized as per requirement of the project and its client.

Why is cable pulling machines used?

Cable pulling machines help to install as well as remove power cables and damaged cable lines from overhead and underground poles. All the basic units are implemented so that they can be used in the best manner. Cable Pulling machines are strong, reliable and durable and can withstand the test of time. Each and every machine has been fitted with a console so that the operator can view the force that is being applied to the machine. They are useful, efficient and very reliable. They are safe to use and are also protective. Cable pulling machines are used by various companies for their effectiveness and they can also pull long distance cable lines.

What we like about cable pulling machines

Cable pulling machines are strong and durable and they can be preset really fast and are easy to install as well. These machines are designed in a technical manner so that they can pull any kind of cable and any kind of weight from delicate fibers as well as heavy copper cables. You can also pull long length of cables to long distances. Damaged cables can also be removed from underground tunnels. These machines are powered by a motor that is moved by diesel and encompasses a storage drum that is fitted with non spin wire ropes. They have different kind of pulling speeds as per requirement and load.

The vitality of cable pulling machines

Cable pulling machines are one of the primary equipments that are used to pull heavy cables from one place to another in  on site projects.They are used by a number of industries and commercial firms to pull cables in a smooth and seamless manner.

How can cable pulling machines help you

Cable Pulling machines are one of the most important and vital equipments that are required by all construction and telecom industries. Cable can sometimes be really large and heavy and this is the most important time when they are required. These machines are improving with time as technology is also on the go. These machines have become smaller and lighter and user friendly as well. The grips of these machines have now become smoother  and it can be used to pull the heaviest of materials like heavy copper and steel wires.The grips have been built with non corrosive material  so that they can retain their effectiveness in the harsh environment as well. You can search for a number of different cable pulling machines from various online stores that offers you a wide range of different kinds of machines over overhead and underground jobs.

How do cable pulling machines work

Cable pulling machines are specially designed to pull heavy cables smoothly, effectively and in a trouble free manner. It can pull all kinds of cable material made with copper, aluminium and fiber that can be hollow or solid, heavy or light. These machines can be used in outdoor and indoor purposes when required. Cable pulling machines comprise of pulling grips that also include pulling and supporting strain relief devices. They comprise of pulling grips, support grips, and strain relief grips that are used conveniently.

The different kind of grips

The different cable pulling machines comprise of pulling grips, support grips, and strain relief grips that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they help to install and also remove different kinds of cables in conduit, shave of ducts as well as underground as well as overhead terminals. Support grips are required to support the weight of the flexible cable in vertical and sloping runs. They are specially designed to absorb the strain or shock that is caused due to vibration.  [Native Advertisement]Strain-relief grips are used for bending cables at different curves and pulling out damaged chords.

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Cable Pulling Winches & Machines

cable drum pulling winches machines

cable pulling winches machines

Cable Pulling Winch, 500 daN Pulling Force

Our small winch with high capacity. It is suitable for interior mounting on cable boards, cable laying on ships, removing the dirt from cable cords as well as for pulling in and out of light cable. / Cable Pulling Winches

The Cable Pulling Winches is appropriate for indoor mounting on cable boards, cable laying on ships, cleaning of cable cords as well as for cable pulling in and out of light cable.

Cable Pulling Winches

Standard equipment

  • Mechanical drive with petrol or electric engine.
  • Small size
  • Rope drum with 250 m steel wire rope, Dia. = 5,0 mm (max. rope length 400 m)
  • Rope drum able to be disassembled  for pulling-out the rope
  • Manual rope layering by the hand lever
  • Pulling force limitation by the adjustable limit switch by means of scale
  • Painting: RAL 5015 (blue) or Orange (adjustable)

Optional equipment:

  • Single phase AC engine 1,5 kW 230 V, 50 Hz.
  • Bigger rope lengths up to max 400 mt.
  • Electric brake motor for holding the load.
  • Other colors upon request!
  • Cable Pulling Winches

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Cable Drum Trailer Manufacturer!

Cable Drum Trailer Manufacturer

Get the best in cable drum trailer accessories

Cable drums are a very essential part of a cable pulling unit as it helps to make units that can accommodate cable drums that are heavy and non movable by one self. They help in carrying some of the best quality and hard copper cables that are hard to move from one part to another.


What are cable pulling machines


Cable pulling machines, are the most premium quality equipments that are not only reliable and efficient for the purpose and also provide you with the very best cost effective method of laying all your cables for various years to come. They are durable, long lasting as well as safe to use as well. Some of the best cable pulling winches are designed as per your requirements and customized accordingly as per your requirements. They are required for various projects in off site as well as onsite projects.

Specification of a cable pulling machine

The most common specification of a cable pulling winch is

Power Unit: Diesel Engine rated at 13Kw at 3600rpm, Main Drive System: Single Capstan, Rewind Drum Drive: Hydraulic driven for rope tension, Cable Pay Out: Free Spooling, Pull Load Indicator: Dial gauge for pressure/tonnes pull.Oil Cooler: Fitted with thermostatic fan.
Rewind Drum: 400mtrs x 10mm dia rope capacity (max).
Rope Layering: Free moving layering arm (mounted under rewind drum).
Rope Pull/Speed: 0.5 tonne – 30mtr/min
1.5 tonne – 22mtr/min
3.0 tonne – 7mtr/min

Why cable pulling machines are well known forCable Drum Trailer Manufacturer

We, as thecable drum trailer manufacturer, make sure that the trailer can carry various sizes of drums with cable wire. Our company comprises of a vast number of hydraulic as well as electric cable machines that help in smooth work flow and performance as well. All our equipments are made with the latest updated technology and we as theCable Drum Trailer Manufacturers definitely focuses on the best materials.You can shop for some of the best  Cable drum trailers  from our website.Our products are affordable, reliable, safe and good quality as well.Visit us if you are looking for good quality cable pulling equipments.

cable drum trailers manufacturer

cable drum trailer manufacturer

Cable Pulling Winches

Cable pulling machines

The best cable pulling equipments laying with us!

If you are searching for cable pulling machines, but you are a little confused about how to choose them or pick the best one among the rest, then this article can be a great help for you in such cases.

Services for the customers

Cable pulling and cable laying equipments are in demand by all commercial firms as well as construction companies for a smooth flow of work. Cable pulling equipments has been aptly designed to get your entire job done in the most convenient manner.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications of the machine will have discussed here in this section. The cable pulling machines have Cable Feeder, Ultra, Power Requirements: 150V AC & 15A, Power Output: 1/2 HP, Speed Range: 1.3 m/min to 12 m/min, Cable Capacity: 6″ among so many designs.The cable puller machines can comprise of good cable feeders that help to match up to the speed of the cable puller. It has always been quite popular for the various purposes.All cable pulling machines comprises of different sizes of Swivel link, cable stockings, and much more. The equipment has been carefully designed to adapt to various kinds of pulling situations.

The service that we offer our customers

We believe in serving customers with the best and that is why we have a number of different cable pulling machines that help in installation of cables and also you can purchase the best quality cable equipments from our store according to your requirements. We have thus recruited people who are adept in handling all kinds of cable works. You can call us if you face any genre of issues with our machines and we would be right there helping you out with the machines aptly.

cable pulling machines

cable pulling machines