What are cable drum stands used for

What are cable drum stands used for

Cable drum stands are available in a number of different sizes. They are available in small as well as big sizes. They are very useful for industrial purposes and project work. Read on to know more about cable drum stands.


Why are the cable drum stands used?


Cable drum stands are usually used for mounting cable drums on the deck of an elevating work platform or small utility work. They can also be directly mounted onto the ground for work. The drum stands are manufactured from the steel box section and are painted black. They are provided with 4 holes in the base for fixing to a motor vehicle and are supplied with spindle and accessories. The spindles are locked in place with the aid of pins and each spindle is provided with lifting lugs at each end. All spindle hardware is zinc plated and gold plated as well. You can also choose between small drum stands and big drum stands.


Specifications of drum stands


The maximum diameter of a drum stand is around 800mm. The maximum drum width is around 600mm and the maximum weight is around 150kg. The drum stand designs are improved on a regular basis. The bigger drums stands have been specifically designed for hot dip galvanized frame and 54 mm steel spindle. The spindles are provided with disc brake as standard. The stands are provided with four lifting points. The spindle rotates on sealed bearings, which are free from maintenance. They are provided with forklift apertures, which make it possible to lift the drum, stand from any side with a forklift. All drum stands can be provided with a wide range of options including power rotations and a separate power pack. Drum stands are provided with special link pins that connect the multiple drums stands all together.


The best apparatus to be used
The cable drum stands capable of producing a line pull of 10kn while paying out overhead Power Lines and 30mtrs/min Recovery speed. Installing overhead power cables are easy with the help of two drum stands by placing one on top of the other Cable drum stands have a warranty of two years and they are easily maintainable as well. They are affordable and come in various budgets.