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SkyJET Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machines

Fiber cable blowing machine Skyjet

Fiber cable blowing machine Skyjet

In the age of speed the high speed data connection is a must and proceeding from that concept we can understand the importance of the time for the modern man , as a result of that you must use SkyJET machine in the process of networking for a secure ,fast and reliable fiber optic cable blowing process.

Our standard SKYJET production is for 40 mm duct diameter . we can make regulating parts for different diameters. These parts are able to be used for smaller diameters , in the case of larger diameter exit box duct diameter must be lathed  in order to be suitable to your duct diameter. Each different diameter will require different regulating parts. During your order please provide us with your duct diameter ( the price does not include the regulating parts cost ). There are tow types of SKYJET machine for different diameters , ranges are mentioned below. With your order you have to provide us with information about your cable diameter and diameter range in order to enable us from sending you spare parts for your different diameters ( palettes etc. ) ( the machine price does not include these extra spare parts price )

Note: This enumeration is just to classify, that we can produce our machines for different cable diameters.

A) Diameter 8-13

4) Diameter 14-20

And here are some technical specifications:

fiber optic cable blowing machines

SKYJET : Fiber Optical Cable blowing machine

CONTROL: By technician

NEEDED AIR: 10.5 bar 12 m³/min. (duct 40 hdp)

AIR ENGINE: Double effective, 740 watt (2 pieces)

NEEDED AIR FOR ENGINES: 6 Bar-0,6 m³/min.



DIMENSIONS (width x length x height): 365mm x 330mm x 540mm


fiber optic cable blowing machines

Skyjet Cable Blowing Machine

Skyjet Cable Blowing Machine

Technical Details fiber optic cable blowing machines

  • In order to reduce friction between the duct and the cable , you have to transfer oil ( Lubricom-f ) into preinstalled duct with this shock lubrication system .
  • Special designed  exit box supplies productive guiding for pressure air into pre-installed duct.
  • You allow the air to enter the machine or not by opening or closing the valve
  • The special design of the quick air connection fixed the problems on the ex air mount ( hook and but joint )
  • Pneumatic press system does not allow the cable to skid or damage
  • Installing the cable in the muddy fields is no longer a problem due to the special designed palettes. And you will not face any retraction in the blowing power .
  • The festo lubrication system extracts the moisture out of the pressured air that comes from the compressor and supplies continuous lubrication for the air motor.
  • With the control valve you will be able to select the speed and the direction of the cable installing process .
  • The installing power will never decrease with tow air motors .

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